søndag 11. september 2016

How to be attractive online

I want to give you three simple tips to become more attractive online. It is super simple stuff, but its really efficient, when done right. 

1. Name your pics before you post them online. 
Simple as that. When people search for content online they use phrases like "sale on shoes" or "fast car". Noone is looking for "img985254-//6544-pil". All you have to do is rename your pics before you post them on blogs or SoMe. 

How do I know this? I have a pic of a pizza somewhere on this blog that already got 1440 views (as I'm writing this), and can you imagine what I named the pic? "PIZZA". Simple as that. 

Also, I have this pic: 

I named it "The best content marketer - Jon Audun Johnsen" yup, thats a pic of me. Maybe a little bit self absorbed, but when people use that search phrase I will be one of the options to click on. The important thing is that you don't lie. Enhance whatever you are selling, but be truthful. It is annoying to be tricked to look at something that you're not interested in. This brings us to tip nr. 2.

2. Be honest.
Crowds are stupid, but people are smart. You can fool a crowd to believe almost anything. Thats why we had not one, but TWO world wars. The thing is, when you are online you don't speak to a crowd, you speak to one single person. Even though a hundred people might read this blog simultaneously, I am still just speaking to one person at the time. Everyone reads this as an individual. And as I said, people are smart. If you're not telling the truth, they will notice immediately. By all means, show the best side of yourselves, enhance your positive qualities, but don't tell lies. That will repulse people, and they notice when you are not being truhtful.

3. Compliment people 
Don't be afraid to give people a compliment if you like what they do. How often do you see someone with a cool outfit, but you don't say anything? It happens all the time, but people like a compliment. And the rule is the same as the above. DO NOT LIE. 

I get compliments on my instagram all the time. People I have never heard from before commenting a pic of a concrete wall saying: "great stuff" or "you rock". Come on.... I know you do this just to get me looking at your profile, and you probably never even looked at mine. No, you should give people credit when credit is due. Like these girls: 

Their profiles are awesome, and perfect examples on how to be attractive online, and they deserve all the credit they recieve. I am very proud to be working with them in our team. 

Efficient use of SoMe is a different blog, but if you need some inspiration you can check out: 


So thats it. Tell the truth and let people know when they do great work. Little things like this will take you far in your online marketing.

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