fredag 2. september 2016

Is the world a little big?

Are you worried about what people think of you? Not pretty enough? Not funny enough? Not everything all your friends are?

I hate to break it to you, but you are wrong. You are funny enough, you are pretty enough. It's as simple as this: We are all different. Not everybody will find you either pretty or funny. But someone will. Someone out there shares your dorky humor and someone has a heartache to find a person just like you. 

So if we know we are good enough, how do we get our worries to go away?

We do what the moon does. The moon moves the oceans with its gravity pull. The moon is tiny compared to earth, but it still makes a huge impact. We must learn to do the same.

Gravity Pull
Our gravity pull is the effect we have on the people around us. If you are grumpy, people won't smile at you. If you are greedy, people don't want to share with you. And that is the gravity pull affecting your enviroment.

So you need to make your gravity pull in to something positiv. Something that will affect the people around you in a positive way. Just start of nice and easy. you don't have to save the world today. 

How about this, you deside that: 

1. Today you will smile at three people you don't know. Tomorrow maybe five?

2. The next time you think someone has a cool outfit, you will comment it. Because that person probably spent an effort on creating that outfit and chances are that noone will comment it. How cool is that! You can be the person that makes someone else feel good, just by sharing a small comment. 

3. Tell your self every day that "Today i WILL make someone smile, at least once". 

If you do this every day, you will discover new ways to make people smile, and slowly but surly you change your gravity pull. Over time you will become a happier person and that will were of on the people around you. They will feel better about themselves, because of you. 

So you say you are not funny or pretty enough? By changing your gravity pull you will attract the people that thinks you are great. 

Why? Because you make them feel great!

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